Posted by: mindyrappoport | 07/17/2011

Portfolio critiques

Ben Macaluso’s online portfolio
Things I liked:

  • The “Writers Who Inspire Me” section. I really like this! It’s very creative and I love how you acknowledge other writers.
  • Your “Greeley Tribune” page. I love the color on this page–the photos really make it pop, and the layout is really clean.
  • You look really professional in your “About Me” picture and really friendly in the picture on your homepage.
  • Your color choices for your layout. I like the red, white and blue combo. Go America!


  • Look over/re-edit the writing you did on your “About Me” and “Resume” pages. There’s a few minor errors that need to be fixed (extra spaces, capitalizing journalism, etc.) Also, think about adding a copyright and disclaimer.
  • Think about adding a PDF version of your resume to your “Resume” page. Also, maybe think about reformatting your resume so it’s easier to distinguish from the paragraph you have above it and adding descriptions below your internships. If you want more resume tips, let me know; CU Career Services has some great resume samples.
  • The “School Stories” page is really text heavy. Think about reformatting and linking to the pages instead.
  • I don’t know if you need the “Mission” part on your homepage; you could replace it with your About Me.

Sarah Simmon’s online portfolio
Things I liked:

  • Your layout (especially font and colors). It’s very clean and easy to read.
  • The photo of the Flatirons is awesome.
  • Your “About Me,” “CU Independent” and “Internship” descriptions really give employers an idea of the experience you have and why you’d be qualified to work for them. Well done!
  • Your blog posts. The Frozen Yogurt Wars one was my favorite.


  • Think about making your blog page separate from your homepage, and instead having an about me section on the homepage to tell potential employers about yourself.
  • On your resume page, I would list your “Experience” section first (internships and writing experience, combined in one section) and then your education after it.
  • Change your Twitter account to public; right now, there’s a little error message on your homepage saying, “Error: Please make sure the Twitter account is public.”




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