Posted by: mindyrappoport | 07/21/2011

My last day at the Boulder Weekly

As soon as I walked out of the Boulder Weekly office today, I felt a knot form in my stomach.

I just finished the last day of my summer internship at the Boulder Weekly, the first internship I’ve ever had at a publication. I’ve held plenty of communications/journalism jobs and internships, but this one was different. Every time I picked up the phone to interview a source, I understood that I was representing the Boulder Weekly. Every time I made a correction to a story while copy editing, I was relieved that that Thursday’s print edition would contain one less AP style error. Every time I wrote a story, I knew it was being published on the Boulder Weekly website and/or in their weekly print version of the publication.

This internship was the real deal.

I almost want to laugh when I think back to my first day at the Weekly. I had just left my Reporting 3 class and like my friends in the class, I was a bit overwhelmed; what we had been led to believe about the internship class for the last three years — that your grade was based entirely on the internship — wasn’t true, and I knew that juggling a job, an internship, and the class’s workload would be a challenge. I arrived at the Boulder Weekly office 20 minutes early that day, re-read parts of the AP Stylebook, took a deep breath, then shakily walked into the office.

Two months have passed since that day, and I now have a collection of stories, briefs, and tidbites (cuisine briefs) that highlight just how much I’ve grown as a reporter, writer and copy editor.

“So, what now?” I thought as I drove home from the Weekly today.

And then it hit me: I’m just a year away from entering the real world. With the wide array of communications, PR, marketing and journalism jobs/internships I have held so far, I’m still not quite sure where I’ll be headed to after graduation, but I do know that this internship has brought me one step closer to my future career.

To read my Boulderganic story in this week’s edition of the Boulder Weekly, please visit the Boulder Weekly website. Also, be sure to look out for a few more of my stories in August.


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